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Two regions merge into one world in the landscape that you can enjoy from here and the two houses, called Canipaia and Roggio, the memento of an ancient language used by local farmers, have been restored with the utmost respect of materials and local traditions.
The excellent geographical location of Castelrotto allows our guests to easily visit historical and beautiful places, also the splendid thermal baths in San Casciano dei Bagni where you can enjoy spring waters, purification and well-being.
Good food and exceptional wines will enliven your stay here.

"The progression Of time, of clocks Is entirely interrupted.
There remains alone The crisp drone-song of cicadas, The solemn white noise of grasses;
There remains alone The whisper of olive leaves, The waves of wind across wheat;
There remains alone The stone hard silence Of a clear cerulean sky. "

Philip Diehn


Our fortunate location allows our guests to easily enjoy the beauties of three regions, from Castelrotto jewels such as Rome, Florence, Arezzo, Siena, Perugia, Orvieto, but also other small gems of art and culture are readily accessible.

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